Born and raised in Texas, I traveled to the Summer of Love because Jim Morrison invited me out to California. I traveled with most of the bands of that time and worked in a clothing store on Haight Street and specialized in clothing for all of the bands playing in San Francisco. I then traveled south to Laguna Beach where I lived with the Tim Leary family and then moved to Maui with them. I have lived many lifetimes all ready in this one. I have spent time in entertainment, law, ranching, music, and been married five times. I have studied most all religions of the world and am now thirty-eight years clean and sober and have spent many weeks in ashrams around the world. I have published my spiritual autobiography and still mentor women seeking to leave alcohol and drugs behind them and find LIFE. I am building this site solely to find those who may seek to listen to the music I write, read the poetry I channel or just listen to the story of my life.

I see my life as a spiritual journey. I was an only child born in Mineral Wells, Texas and growing up in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth. My mother and father divorced when I came of age at twelve and I bore the scars of that chaos well into my later years. I believe my life was set before I was born as all of the chaos and difficulty are what have given me to gift of putting my feelings into writing and music. I have not had what some what call an ordinary life. My life has been filled with experiences so colorful that many believe it to be fiction when I talk about my life. Alas, that is their problem. My life is what it has been and continues to be. The biggest question would be why haven’t I achieved world fame and fortune through this venue. There are most likely many reasons but my belief is that it would have corrupted me completely and I would not be who I am or be able to share what I have to share. As I said – a spiritual journey, meaning it has spiritual implications. I DO believe there is a spiritual battle raging in the world which has gone on since the beginning of time as we know it and continues today. On my journey, I have met and visited with both angels and demons and all of this supports my belief system. I began studying astrology as a young woman, and have delved into studies from all over the world religions and philosophies. I have studied western, vedic, religions, the metaphysical, and the current love of mine – Human Design. I have been married five times. I have studied under three gurus and spent much time in ashrams and meditation schools. I am currently celebrating thirty-eight years of sobriety after having delved deeply into drugs in the music world. Now my journey continues naturally and deepens minute by minute in every way. Revelations are not something I create but they are something I now prepare to receive. I have worked in clerical, entertainment, productions, acting, modeling, law and owned several ranches where I have raised and bred cattle, horses, dogs, and most domesticated animals. I have lived many lives in this one. Where does that take me now? I am building this site to connect with others who may be on my fractal and want to know me in a deeper sense of understanding. I also hope to share the remainder of my journey with others of like mind.

I don’t always like talking about myself or my past. Sometimes I prefer to hide away from the world. I am hopeful of loading new music in the coming years as I continue to write and possibly perform. I haven’t included much about my previous performance as I choose to believe living in the now is more productive. My music represents what comes through me. Outside of this, I don’t anticipate what I will write as it writes itself. I hope to meet some of you on the remaining journey ahead. Until then, may God be with you in whatever form you find.